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The world is so great and diverse, and plenty of languages exist in it as neighbours. Milliards of people use thousands of languages.

If you have business partners in United Kingdom or France, if you have friends in Italy or Germany, or you want simply to read Lithuanian or Spanish press, but you are still unable to speak, to read, to write in these languages – it is not the trouble, you have not to be sad!

We’ll help you with joy!

Our job is to make a present of understanding to the world and to help people to become closer one to another.

Translations – professionally, confidentially and quickly!!!

  • We are offering at your service written translations of any texts and documents of any complexity from/into more than 20 languages, including typesetting and printout;
  • We are ensuring notarization of translations, services of sworn translators and notary’s services.

We are giving free of charge consultations on drawing up of standard documents for the departure abroad ( in connection with studies, marriage with foreign national etc.), on the order of the Apostille obtaining  and legalization of documents, correct drawing up of necessary documents and their correspondence with the standards of Latvian legislation and international law.

We are guaranteeing for our clients the observance of the received information confidentiality.

If necessary, the translation made by sworn translator is attested by notary. Original of document or copy, attested by notary, is required for the translation notarial attestation.

Translated works, by concordance with client, are handed to client electronically, by post or personally.

You may make an order on translation, having sent to us by e-mail a message.

After receiving of order workers of our Law Office will contact you to specify terms and procedure of payment.

The texts were translated and drawn up in the format according to your needs, using the latest achievements of IT-technologies.