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Management of houses

Taking into account the customers' needs, we offer services to owners of apartments and houses:

  • house administration and management;
  • house manager services;
  • area Renting / leasing;
  • house management and maintenance programs;
  • counseling on issues related to the administration and management of the house;
  • Informing customers about their rights, responsibilities and opportunities associated with joint ownership;
  • Explanations of the laws and regulations in the field of real estate;
  • advice on the selection of optimal management forms for each particular house.

Using the services of property management, you will save time and material resources associated with real estate securing money.

You no longer need to seek the assistance of numerous service providers, looking for the right partners and assessing their quality of service.

We guarantee the timely and quality service, individual approach to addressing issues and the transparency of the whole process.